The new LOEWE Elephant Komp Bag is a limited edition created to help the elephants of Kenya.

A splendid project that supports the entire proceeds of the sales “THE ELEPHANT CRISIS FUND” through the project that is renewed every year, KNOT ON MY PLANET, an ONG dedicated to the protection of elephants

But not only that: the project also includes the artisan women of the Samburu Trust tribe of Kenya who have made one hand the shoulder strap of the Elephant bag by LOEWE, with a special fabric, SHUKA, in bright colors that is traditionally used for shawls with straps decorated with diaper.


The Kenyan Maasai tribe tells of the harmonious coexistence with elephants, wonderful animals that must be protected in their natural habitat.

Today with the purchase of the new LOEWE “Elefante Komp” bag

, completely in fabric, vegan, we can make a gesture to help these beautiful animals and the local communities of Africa.







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