WELSH POPPY Collection by CLOGAU, is the jewelry line that supports ABF The Soldiers’Charity (National Charity of the British Army).

This Sunday is the day of remembrance in England, Queen Elizabeth dressed in black, prayed in memory of the fallen in war.

We are in Westminster Abbey and it is the centenary of the commemoration of the unknown soldier who was transported from the French camp and buried here in memory of the war dead.

It represents all the fallen who have fought for freedom and who have never returned home. There are many bodies that could not be given a name, many families who do not have a grave on which to mourn their loved ones who died in the war.

This ceremony is important to remember all of them and today we can also do it with a symbolic gesture like a Clogau jewel, the proceeds of which will support soldiers, veterans and their families.

A splendid flower that becomes a memory, support and devotion.

The collection is divided into different subjects: gold earrings, rings and necklaces with precious rubies and black diamonds, the Welsh poppy that grows among the rocks becomes the symbol of an important memory.

You can find the jewels that support the project here.