Who hasn’t dreamed of walking through Buckingham Palace at least once and stopping for tea with the Queen ?!

The five o’clock tea ritual is a must for every Englishman, the Queen has a personal chef who prepares splendid sweets and delicacies every day to accompany her splendid porcelain cups filled with this noble hot drink!
Today we too can recreate this ceremony and have fun recreating Queen Elizabeth’s sweets thanks to the cookbook “A ROYAL TEAS” published by Mark Flanagan.

A book that explains step by step the recipes of the royal house: lemon pancakes, multi-layered chocolate cakes, mini pastries, related illustrations become a special way to have fun cooking and then taste a tea in perfect relaxation or in the company of family or friends. friends.

If you want to stay on the royal theme also for tea, you can buy it from Fortnum and Mason and from Royal Collections, you can find different selections, colored tins and special editions for English anniversaries, as well as very special teas that date back to past times and that have been served in the cups of many English nobles and royalty!

If you love chocolate and other caramel desserts, the book “CHOCOLATE FIT FOR A QUEEN” is perfect for you: 35 exquisite recipes with chocolate, from brownies, scones, to chocolate cake and much more.

The recipes are also part of the repertoire of royal cuisine, the book also tells us about the origins of the hot chocolate drink since ancient times and how it was used for therapeutic purposes.

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