Multifaceted artist paints, writes books and plays the piano.

From a young age she was close to places of art that inevitably made her grow a great passion and love for history.

He studied History of Fashion and Art at the Bergamasque Institutes, obtaining the title of Fashion Stylist.

Subsequently he made use of private studies of artistic design. In her growth, she is flanked by two great Bergamo artists who are also successful abroad. From them he learns the technique and develops his own style.

Numerous competitions, exhibitions and group shows with other artists led her to land up in Paris where she was very successful and joined two exhibitions of great European artists.

He studied ceramics and refined his art by studying the great painters of the past and making copies of author of considerable value.

His love for art and history comes closer and closer in an artistic / figurative union that takes its cue from nature and animals, landscapes and people, capturing the moment of emotion that an image causes in the Impressionists artist.

In 2016 he opened the website to bring the three major categories of Art, Fashion and Design closer together, participates in events, exhibitions, travels to discover museums, art installations and much more ..

This site becomes a means of discovery and above all a way to bring people ever closer to the world of art in all its nuances.