The most famous perfume in the world CHANEL N.5 turns 100!

It was in 1921 that Mademoiselle Coco Chanel decided to create a perfume that embodies the essence of her fashion house, a perfume for women that smacks of a woman, asks ERNEST BEAUX, perfumer at the Tsars, to create something exclusive.

From a selection of different bottles that simply bear numbers, Coco chooses bottle N.5: 80 different essences, including the precious Amber, an ingredient that for ethical reasons is no longer produced, flower distillates in particular jasmine from which the unmistakable notes of the best-selling perfume in the world are born!

Returning from World War II, the boys queued in long lines to get a bottle of the famous perfume to bring as a gift to their fiancée.

A floral-aldehyde perfume with the first olfactory notes of May rose and jasmine that warm up in the sensual vanilla base.

The Decò bottle, in crystal, elegant with a white label with the number 5 and the cap with the shape of Place Vendome, closed with the art of BAUDRUCHAGE

Even today Chanel N.5 is the best-selling perfume, released in a very limited edition a few years ago in the red version, still special editions can be found on the Maison CHANEL website.

There are numerous variations but the most famous remains Chanel N.5, L’Eau de Parfum, reinterpreted by JACQUES POLGE in 1986.







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