ELSA PERRETTI, whom we all know for the incredible creations of jewelry and furnishing items by TIFFANY & CO, is dead.

But not only a designer, Elsa Perretti was also a model and muse of SALVADOR DALÌ but it was in 1974 that she joined the TIFFANY jewelry, signing an exclusive contract, and her creations immediately became a success!

Her jewels are rich in symbolism but simple in design and transcendent elegance: “There is nothing more chic than simplicity”, these are her words.

Her collections are born in silver, clearing customs for a cheaper material that is affordable for all women.

Among his most famous creations the “Bean” which represents life, the drop “The Drop” which embodies a tear to want to collect and demonize sadness and then the heart “The open Heart” and the “Diamonds by the Yard” .
Iconic the “Bone” bracelet, the snake necklace and the jars that fall softly on her clothes!
In the sea theme there are also beautiful shells and starfish that seem to dance!

I always thought that Elsa Perretti’s jewels were of an incredible elegance and even with a simple look they always made me feel special, my favorite is undoubtedly the “Bean” that you can see in my photo in “About” , where you can also read my website project.


In her photograph Elsa Perretti is portrayed with her dogs with whom she lived in her home in Spain.