It is time to open our hearts once again, every day many, too many children are hungry.

The WFP association is dedicated to providing school meals to the most needy children of the United Nations.

Many children have nothing to eat and today Michael Kors offers us more than one opportunity to help them: a Limited Edition “LOVE” capsule in the symbol of love.

A bag made with recycled plastic, a gesture also for the environment, and a t-shirt: the symbol is the heart, once again.

These will be the pieces to add to your closet to help the children and the proceeds will go to the WFP Association.

Plus for each photo with the new “Share Your Heart” filter in the filter section of the @michaelkors profile. Also take a photo or video with the hashtag “Watch Unger Stop” with the bag or t-shirt from the collection, show your love and another 50 meals will be donated!

Discover the Michael Kors LOVE collection here!





The image is by Michael Kors.