• The most exclusive collections of the brand accessible by chat, thanks to the new official account,
now available on the fastest growing digital platform in the world;
• The account allows the sending of weekly push messages to the users in the form of real articles,
and the integration of numerous functionalities, such as analyses, loyalty campaigns, social CRM
and e-commerce. An automatic bot system can also redirect users according to their different needs;
• WeChat represents a new step in the digitalisation and internationalization of the brand, that will
increase awareness and engagement.
Sesto Fiorentino, 2 September 2020 – Richard Ginori, since 1735 the maximum expression of Italian
excellence in the high-quality artistic creation of pure porcelain, takes a new step forward in its digital
growth, opening its own official account on WeChat, the most important and widely used Chinese
multi-function platform in the world, used for chatting, browsing, buying and paying online, with a
monthly base of more than 1 billion active users and a penetration exceeding 93% of the population in
the biggest cities of the country.
The Official Richard Ginori Service Account on WeChat provides users with a unique touch
experience, thanks to the innovative functionalities and the efficiency of a multi-function social
communication platform. Through its Account, Richard Ginori can, in fact, send weekly push messages
to users in the form of articles, with clickable content, animations and internal and external links to
WeChat. The Account also features a series of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces, i.e. app that
simplify the dialogue between one application and another, ed.) that allow Richard Ginori to integrate
greater functionalities, including user analyses, loyalty initiatives, social CRM and e-commerce. Users
can also comment on the content published and chat with the Company. Finally, an automatic bot
system can redirect users according to their different needs, such as to lists of locations where to find
Richard Ginori products in China, brand and product information and much more.
The account will allow all fans of the Maison to stay in touch with the latest products by Richard Ginori,
wherever they are, in real time, allowing the brand to increase its brand awareness and engagement with
Chinese consumers.
Thanks to this tool, Richard Ginori further reinforces its competitiveness in the Chinese luxury market
that, according to estimates, will have a total value of approximately 160 billion euros in 2025, with
internal demand that will account for 50% of worldwide demand, and online sales of approximately 19
billion euros1
The opening of the new Account is an integral part of the digitalisation and internationalization strategy
of Richard Ginori, with the goal of approaching a younger and connected audience, desirous of
alternative interactions with top brands.

Richard Ginori’s storytelling will develop with the support of Chinese resources, to ensure perfect
adherence to the cultural model, seasonality, consumption trends and to the aesthetic principles of the
Chinese consumer, and to allow the management of specific digital advertising campaigns for the
promotion of the brand to the ideal target.
Richard Ginori enters the Chinese market thanks to an agreement with Tencent Group, owner of
Since its creation in 2011, the WeChat ecosystem has become an integral part of the daily lives of the
Chinese, and not only. Within the app, in addition to the typical chats and social networking for
individuals and companies, it is also possible to provide useful mini-programmes and services for
everyday life: from booking medical appointments, to buying luxury products, from using a personal
bank account, to making payments. Everything in just one app.
“Richard Ginori is a brand with 285 years of history, projected into the future, both international and
exclusive. In this view, the new account is strategic for our digital growth and to create a direct
connection with the Chinese consumer. Our goal is to further introduce the Richard Ginori soul also
in China, and we are certain that the opening of the account will help improve the dialogue and make
the brand experience more enveloping and exciting. WeChat is, in fact, a direct and modern channel
that allows us to offer a dynamic and interactive tool that puts access to our entire collection at the click
of a fingertip” declared Alain Prost, Chairman and CEO of Richard Ginori.

About Richard Ginori
The Manifattura Richard Ginori, whose origins date back to 1735, represents the peak of Italian excellence in
the creation of artistic pure porcelain. Richard Ginori’s production represents the perfect blend of knowledge,
work, people and creativity, where imagination takes shape as a witness of a unique, extraordinary obsession:
absolute beauty. Richard Ginori is active in the creation, production and sale of quality pure porcelain crafted
using several processes, some of which almost unchanged since its origins, while others making use of cutting
edge technologies and highly sophisticated industrial equipment. Part of Kering Group since 2013, Richard
Ginori has always been associated with great figures of architecture, design and fashion, and stands out on the
world scene as a true icon of “Made in Italy” tradition. Richard Ginori counts on a distribution network which
includes: Florence and Milan flagship stores, one monobrand store in Moscow, selected dealers in Italy and a
presence in high-level Department Stores and multi-brand Specialty Stores all over the world.