Key word: family! An entire collection dedicated to the whole family: women, men and children!

The new SIMON ROCHA collection for HM draws on today’s design and looks at the garments of the past, the key details of the company blend with innovation.

SIMON ROCHA, Irish designer, made a name for herself in 2010 at London Fashion Week with her first collection.

Feminine details, romantic notes: organza, pearl inserts, lace, lace and jewels to adorn the hair.

The giant HM still promises to amaze us with the next capusle collection SIMON ROCHA, on sale from next 11 March.

Clouds of fabric, important collars, cascades of pearls, puffed sleeves: notes that evoke the identification and affirmation of femininity through the dress, shades of an Elizabethan Tudor.

The collection is already an announced triumph!