A splendid book “OUR RAINBOW QUEEN” by SALI HUGHES, that allows us to take a look in the wardrobe of the Queen of England: Elizabeth II.

A riot of colors, all the outfits of the most important receptions, celebrations and official events in the United Kingdom.

Gorgeous coordinated suits, coats and hats, accompanied by the cult accessory of the queen: the bag of the Maison LAUNER LONDON.


A book that celebrates Elisabetta’s iconic style with splendid photographs: a rainbow of colors.
Divided into chapters of colors, from red to green, passing through blue, yellow and orange. A path that winds between events and travel with Prince Albert.
Coronation photos and girl photos.

There is no lack of the controversial Meghan and the elegant kate with their repetitive Principles.
There are also splendid unpublished photos of private moments with the rest of the Royal Family, Diana, Carlo, the Queen’s very beloved dogs.

A leap into the life of Queen Elizabeth II through the colors of her clothes makes us retrace the most important stages of her life.
A truly unique book that cannot be missing from our library!