I crossed the threshold: a splendid French sitting room, I dare say, walls in toile de jouy, Louis XVI style furniture, powder blue fabrics worthy of Queen Marie Antoinette, pearl gray curtains.

You are in the CHRISTIAN DIOR boutique in 30, Avenue Montaigne.

Precise, detailed, stressed, anxious, elegant and a lover of luxury: voila Monsieur Dior.

A hyper realistic cross-section of the life of a high fashion Maison, from the idea to its creation, passing through the people, described in detail, who accompanied it to the consecration.

An autobiography of Monsieur Christian Dior that wants to be an introspection of man, Christian, compared to Monsieur Dior but I would say that it is more a complete biography of one of the most famous fashion houses in the world.

Reading this book you will enter the test lounges, the sewing workshops, how to choose a fabric, participate in the presentations of the most desired clothes and find out how to be careful of thieves of fashion designs. You will meet the models, seamstresses and close collaborators of Christian Dior.

You will discover how a dress is born, how it is made or when it is discarded, how the price is decided and who will be the lucky one in the front row to see the new collection.

A book that cannot be missed by fashion scholars and professionals, but above all by those who love the DIOR style.

To you the reading CHRISTIAN DIOR AND MOI