The must-have accessory for the summer is undoubtedly the straw bag. The choice is vast, between colors and models, with pom poms, fringes and much more.

Today I propose an eco-friendly and sustainable bag! It starts from a project of the San Patrignano leather workshop with the support of Tod’s styling.

The Tuscan tradition is combined with Cuban craftsmanship.

The result is a splendid straw bag dyed with natural colors, a recovery of the mastery of the Cuban 50s in weaving hats and baskets, the use of waste leather from large high fashion productions.


Recycling, support and respect for animals, as no one is killed for the production of these bags and the reused, otherwise thrown leather does not pollute the environment!

An excellent choice for a summer of sustainable and luxury fashion!

To purchase it, you can visit the website


Cuba Lab is an association for social promotion (APS Social Promotion Association) based in Florence (Italy) founded with the aim of supporting the creation of a laboratory training center in Habana (Cuba) through the launch of activities financing.

Our goal is to combine the traits of the Florentine Renaissance artisan workshop with the artistic vitalism of Cuban culture giving the opportunity to young people and selected Cubans to immerse themselves in the conception, planning and production of contemporary design objects under the direction of Florentine master craftsmen .