The precious BLUE TIFFANY box is tinged with YELLOW: yes, you got it right!

A news that left me speechless too and many others who thought it was an April Fool! Just look at the comments of the jewelry’s profile, which has already changed the Instagram profile photo with the new color.

Yes, today on the Instagram profile of TIFFANY & CO. the new box has appeared in a brilliant yellow color, a color that recalls the very famous diamond of the high jewelery collections.

If you haven’t seen Tiffany’s fabulous yellow diamonds yet, I suggest you take a peek at the official website: I can’t tell you if they are rarer or more expensive …

The prices are accessible to most people, to say the least, for the remaining dreamers the new box will be enough that will decline a new famous color, who knows if it will reach the glories of Tiffany blue, I certainly can’t wait to have this new box in my hands!