APRIL 2020.

Undisputed real fashion newspaper: VOGUE.

I had wondered, the previous month, what would have been the choice for the cover of Vogue, such as the images and the words, to discreetly face such a difficult moment for Italy and the rest of the world.

And the answer could only be more touching: a white cover.

At the time of Covid, the terrible Virus that devastated countries, people and consciences, Vogue decides to leave the cover naked.

A splendid WHITE, symbol of purity, rebirth, dreams and desires that we can impress with our imagination on paper for a symbol of rebirth.

Inside there is also an article that traces the covers of the iconic newspaper in the most fragile moments of our history, such as when the headquarters were bombed in Paris but despite the difficulties of the war, the newspaper had managed to recover and start again.

Available now on newsstands and in digital version, a copy not to be missed not to forget.