1856, in Asnières in north-eastern France, Louis Vuitton embarked on the journey that would have forever marked the history of hand luggage, entering forever into the firmament of fashion. At the beginning of the adventure, 20 employees worked in the Atelier, today 170 workers who deal with the personalized creations of the Maison’s customers.

Next to it is the family home, now a private museum. Back in 1906, suitcases were created here that would mark the evolution of luggage up to the handbag. Numerous distinctive features, from cotton canvas with iconic designs, to the five-spring-loaded closure, patented after years of studies with his son and still used today.

The ancienne Steamer bag is the draft for the future Speedy top case and hand luggage. Even today the designs of the old models are a source of inspiration for artists and designers for new creations.