The bag, an essential accessory that accompanies us every day, many shapes, colors and materials but what are the truly indispensable models that should not be missing in the wardrobe?

New designers offer us truly unique and iconic shapes but sometimes not very useful, small and not very capacious even for essential things.
Many fashion houses offer their iconic bags in mini size but they are

The bag was born already in the Middle Ages when in reality it was used to be able to put the products that were bought on the market. Only later in the centuries will it become a glamorous accessory, especially in the 19th century when the ladies used small clutches to carry face powder, handkerchief and small binoculars.

Today there are five models needed to accompany us in our days as needed.

1. The shopping bag

Shoulder bag, roomy and deep, allows us to store our purchases and have wallet and phone at hand.
Also useful on vacation, when we go to museums and archaeological sites, we can put on bottles of water, books, jackets and scarves.

2.The baguette

So called because it is also carried under the arm with the famous French bread.Small on the shoulder but with enough space to store keys, telephone, handkerchiefs and a lipstick. Ideal for quick outings in the city, for a running coffee, a light and practical walk, for going out with your dog.

3. The trunk

Also essential for Audrey Hepburn that she asked one of the most famous Maison, to have a reduced version of the “Speedy” model to be able to have the everyday necessities with her. Of various sizes, the satchel is a handbag with a short handle, absolutely indispensable in your wardrobe. The most spacious can also become useful for weekends out of town, forgetting about bulky suitcases.

4. The clutch bag

Small bag but refined companion for dinners, parties, receptions and weddings.
With the clutch bag we can indulge in colors and glitter of sequins and sequins, pearls and crystal applications: the more it shines the more chic!
Also indulge yourself with shapes, browse the big fashion websites and discover the new icons!

5. The straw bag

These days the straw bag, colored, with pom poms, the embroidered name or an inscription that represents us has returned to the fore.
Straight from Marakesch or the Saint Tropez market, straw bags are always chic and Brigitte Bardot had already proved it to us!
Super capacious, ideal for shopping, so we will say enough to disposable bags! You can also use it to pick flowers in the fields, for the beach, for a picnic out of town and when winter ends they can become furnishing accessories for storing pillows and blankets.


Do you need an extra bag for your trip but you don’t have room in your suitcase?

Bring a baguette for documents and the necessary and put in your luggage a large nylon bag that can be folded on itself: it takes up minimal space and you will have it at hand when needed!